Shannon Sharpe struck a blow for logic when he responded to conservative talking head Tomi Lahren on Twitter. The issue at hand, had to do with Taylor Swift's recent political endorsement of Tennessee democrats because the GOP in her home state "appalls" and "terrifies" her. Conversely, Kanye West has been invited to the White House on Thursday to meet with the President in what is sure to be an awkward photo-op.

Swift's first foray into politics incited a flood of new registrations for the democratic party in Tennessee, which is probably what stuck in Tomi Lahren's craw:

A day later, as is her style when critiques come from a pigment closer to her own, Lahren revealed she was a stan for the same celebrity she dragged the day before:

But that wasn't the end. Fox football analyst Shannon Sharpe pointed out the duplicity in her original tweet. The President is also a celebrity, and it's the biggest reason he won the GOP's nomination. Certainly a bigger reason than any sort of nuanced understanding of American government and foreign affairs.

But this wasn't an intellectual dialogue attempting to arrive at the truth. It was an attack to waylay the significant gains made when the Swift fans mobilized. The foundations of Lahren's well-tread grievances with President Obama, his wife, minorities as a whole, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else who isn't white, wealthy and straight, are steeped in hate and ignorance. It's sorta her MO.