UFC 229 dissolved into absolute chaos last night following Conor McGregor's defeat at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Shortly after McGregor's loss, Khabib jumped the cage and went to attack someone on McGregor's team. Things only got messier from there, with three of Khabib's team subsequently jumping into the cage to brawl with a recovering McGregor as Khabib himself continued to fight outside the octagon. However, the Russian fighter says he has a perfectly good reason as to why he climbed out the cage.

During a post-fight press conference, Khabib said, "This is not my best side. He talked about my religion, he talked about my country, he talked about my father. He came to Brooklyn, he broke bus and nearly killed two people. So why do people still talk about me jumping over the cage? I have shown respect." 

Khabib seems to express regret at letting his anger get the best of him, but it's clear that McGregor's team made a huge mistake in provoking him. As TMZ reports, UFC president Dana White isn't happy with the fallout that took place following the end of the match. "This is a big deal.... Could be suspension for Khabib," White explained. 

McGregor has already said he will not press charges against the three members of Khabib's team who attacked him in the octagon at the end of the fight. In fact, McGregor has since tweeted that he's "Looking forward to the rematch."

Following the result of the fight, Pusha T chimed in to offer his support for Khabib. "Sometimes u have to burn the whole house down... I understand," he tweeted.

Considering that King Push's rival Drake turned up to McGregor's weigh-in, maybe he sees a little of himself in Khabib. After all, they did both come out victorious.