Saturday night's fight between the walking personification of bravado, Conor McGregor, and the still-undefeated Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, turned into a brawl for the ages after McGregor submitted in the fourth-round to Nurmagomedov. After the match, chaos reined: Khabib left the cage to attack a McGregor teammate, and another associate of Khabib's team jumped into the octagon to sucker-punch a still-dazed McGregor. However, even with all the post-match fireworks, the outspoken Irishman was already keyed up for  a rematch, and on Monday mysteriously declared victory in the battle, but not the match while sipping on a few fingers of what looks be whiskey:

It elicited confusion from fight fans: Was the battle the post-fight brawl? It didn't look like Conor won anything but a new shiner and some hooch to help ease a headache.

In an attempt to explain the rationale behind Conor's statement, some read a bit further into what he may have meant on a more figurative level:

Regardless of the meaning behind the comment, Khabib remains undefeated in the lightweight division after his headlining win in UFC 229, and—like McGregor—fans are clamoring for the rematch:

A rematch would be huge, and there's maybe only one other fight people want to see more right now: Drizzy vs. Khabib's newest fan: