Oakland Raiders fans might think their game against the Seattle Seahawks was really sh*tty, no matter how you look at it. Defensive end Bruce Irvin isn't having it, though. He's taking a tip from the English after the loss in London and looking on the bright side of life. After the 27-3 drubbing, Irvin explained that he's going to shake off the loss by going home to his wife and trying to expand his family.   

"We lost, but I've got a beautiful wife I get to go home to, boy. I'm going to try to make some babies, man," he said after the game.

That sunny disposition is necessary for the last-place Raiders, who fell to 1-5 on the season following the loss. It was their third double-digit loss of the season, with quarterback Derek Carr unable to get anything going while running for his life from the Seattle defensive line. He was sacked 6 times and hit 10 times during the game at Wembley Stadium. The sack total racked up by the Seahawks is just one less than the entire Raiders team have had all season. 

That discrepancy, coupled with Irvin's candid remark, led to this absolutely brutal response on Twitter.

Irvin has plenty of time to get on with his plans as the Raiders have the next week off. They don't play again until October 28, when they have a home game against the Indianapolis Colts.