It's hard to explain Boban Marjanovic to anyone who doesn't follow basketball. The NBA—the highest court in the land—is a game played by giants, men who tower over the rest of the earth's denizens. But in the NBA, Boban is the giant among giants. So it's no surprise the NBA's current rims aren't equipped to handle his 7-foot-3, 300-pound frame. On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, when Boban's Clippers took on the Nuggets, he threw down a dunk from his tip-toes that broke the rim.  

That wasn't a figure of speech, he actually broke the rim. They had to stop the game to fix it.

And he really ripped the rim with his feet still on the ground.

Despite the carnival gawking Boban's size provokes, he's got game. He poured in 18 points and eight rebounds for the Clippers on the night:

Despite carrying around such a heavy load, Boban can really move.


The Bobi & Tobi show!! 😂😂#ChickenNoodleSoup

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