WWE wrestler Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, has been elected mayor of Tennessee’s Knox County, Knox News reports. He beat out the Democratic nominee with more than double the amount of votes, CNN added. The 7-foot, 320-pound wrestler identifies in the ring as the Big Red Machine, and in life as a conservative with libertarian values. 

“This professional wrestler got into a no-holds-barred, last-man-standing match, and when the bell rung, he was victorious," he said at his watch party. "We were victorious."

Jacobs, who is described by the WWE as both a "sadistic superstar" and "a monstrous abomination that seems to have been extracted directly from your childhood nightmares," signaled approval of Donald Trump during a May Fox News interview. Knox News describes Jacobs' campaign as having been “light on specific policy details,” though he did promise to not raise taxes while at the same time improving infrastructure and increasing salaries for teachers and sheriff’s deputies. 

Jacobs has not ruled out appearing in the ring as Kane while he is in office, and he certainly did put on his persona a couple of times during his campaign. Monday Night Raw was in Knoxville in November of last year, and audience members cheered for him with “Kane for Mayor” chants. 

Jacobs has lived in East Tennessee since 1995. He owns an insurance and real estate company with his wife, Crystal. The couple has two daughters and two grandchildren. Here's a throwback to the good old days, though: