On Monday, Neymar contributed a goal and an assist to Brazil's 2-0 win over Mexico, which put his squad into the World Cup quarterfinals. However the 'W' was somewhat overshadowed (at least by Twitter metrics) to Neymar's arguably over the top flop which (once again) made it look like he's never read the ending of The Boy Who Cried Wolf:

For those who didn't see it, due to work or whatever, Mexico’s Miguel Layun stepped on Neymar's right ankle with roughly 20 minutes remaining in the contest. It probably hurt, like enough to scream "Ow!" followed by an obscenity. But it's probably not enough to pretend like you're about to get it amputated. Or, that's what Twitter seems to think. 

In response, social media delivered a good dose of mockery. It won't to anything to deter future theatrics, but some of the memes/insults were pretty good:

Brazil will play Belgium on Friday, July 6.