Dennis Rodman's performance at The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis was painful to get through. The former NBA star stumbled through his jokes and repeatedly apologized to those in attendance at the Comedy Central roast, which was otherwise fantastic.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Willis' younger self in Looper, was the roastmaster for the evening. He introduced Rodman as "peacemaker" at the beginning of the show. "Dennis may be the only person on the planet who can prevent a nuclear war," he said. "So I guess this is goodbye."

Rodman took the stage near the end of the show and got off to an awkward start. It appeared that he was too tall for the mic. A stage manager lowered it for him and he had to start over. He then remarked that all of the jokes from the evening were about the worst actor on the stage. His punchline was, "You all are."

At one moment, he stated, "Im fucking drunk," out of nowhere. When his jokes didn't get a laugh from the audience, he would laugh and say, "Okay, on with the show," and remind the crowd that he's never done anything like this. He was eventually booed after telling a joke about his buddy, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. "You keep making these bomb movies like Kim, but at least he is smart enough not to release his," he said. 

Other roasters that performed included Kevin Pollak, Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser, Lil Rel Howery, Cybill Shepherd, Martha Stewart, Dom Irrera, and Edward Norton. Even his ex-wife Demi Moore dropped in.