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Seven-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion cornerback Darrelle Revis has officially retired from the NFL after 11 seasons. 

The news came early Wednesday morning when Revis posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram. In part it read, "For the past 11 years, it has truly been an honor to showcase one of my greatest gifts to the world. Today I am closing a chapter in my life that I once dreamed of as a kid and I am officially retiring from the National Football League."

Revis is widely considered one of the best cornerbacks to ever put on the pads. His most notable stint was from 2007-2012 with the New York Jets where he coined the term "Revis Island" for being able to shutdown any receiver on his side of the field. He also played seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots before returning to the Jets in 2015-2016. His final tenure was as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, but he only played five games and was criticized for his lack of effort. Revis captured his only Super Bowl ring as a member of the Pats in 2014. 

He finished his career with 497 tackles and 29 interceptions. While the tail end of his career does not tell the same story, Revis will be remembered by the Jets faithful as one of the most dominate defensive backs the franchise has ever seen. Just like the 33-year-old penned the conclusion of his official statement, "Long Live Revis Island."