LeBron James has not yet announced his free agency decision, and he probably won't for another month or so, but people are starting to believe he might actually return to Cleveland. The likelihood of that outcome, of course, would increase if the Cavs could improve their roster—and apparently LeBron is doing what he can to bring in fellow stars.

Ryen Russillo of ESPN appeared on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt after Thursday night's draft and shared as much:

All the arrows point to him bolting, but I know for a fact LeBron is trying to figure out if other stars around the league wanna come play with him, but come play with him in Cleveland, first. So whatever happened tonight, there was no pick, there was no move—other than Kawhi [Leonard] being traded for the eighth pick, that wasn't gonna happen—there was nothing that was gonna happen tonight that was gonna make you think we have an answer to the LeBron question, but I have been alone on this, he may end up moving on, but I know for a fact LeBron is still trying to find a way to make it happen in Cleveland. I just don't know if anybody wants to go there with him.

Perhaps LeBron is hoping to team up with Paul George.

The Cavs took Alabama guard Collin Sexton with the No. 8 pick, but their draft reportedly will not influence LeBron's decision. Bleacher Report's Ken Berger spoke with executives around the league and asked if the Sexton selection would matter to King James.

"The answers were swift, decisive and—as late character actor Lane Smith famously declared in My Cousin Vinny—I-DENTICAL," Berger writes. "Nope."

That's got to be disappointing for Sexton, who immediately attempted to lure LeBron back to the Land.

Collin Sexton makes his pitch to LeBron James pic.twitter.com/N0CoueyDd7

— Dime on UPROXX (@DimeUPROXX) June 22, 2018