“If your fly was open at church, what would you use to cover it up?”

This is the question Steve Harvey asked Charles Barkley on a new episode of Celebrity Family Feud. But forget about covering your crotch with a church pamphlet or a bible, Barkley gave an answer so strange that it even upset his teammates—his fellow hosts from Inside the NBA.

When asked this pressing question, without hesitation Barkley replied, “a child.”

Harvey and Barkley’s teammates gasped in horror before roasting the TNT host for the disturbing response. Ernie Johnson even decided to walk to the other side of the stage and join the opposing team from Major League Baseball.

“The man gonna get us locked up,” Shaquille O’Neal joked. “Not a good answer. Put your hands behind your back. You’re under arrest.”

Barkley tried to lessen the blow by clarifying his response. “I meant a baby!” he said.

Of course that only made things worse. “Then he tried to fix it!” Harvey said. “He said, ‘I meant a baby.’ Oh God, this is on YouTube. You know what’s crazy? It’s probably gonna be up there, though. Somebody’s child!”

Harvey was right. Though not exactly Barkley’s response, the answer “person” was revealed on the board, winning the team three points. “I told you yes, ‘person’ sounds better,” Harvey said. “Child? Baby? Damn, Chuck.”

Barkley's terrible answer didn’t ruin the competition for the Inside hosts. Shaq and Chuck even made it to the "Fast Money" round and won $25,000 for Mustard Seed School. Watch that segment below.