Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn't back down from opponents on the NFL gridiron, and apparently he doesn't back down from fans off the field, either—even if they're teenagers. Sunday night, a video surfaced of a teen talking trash to Cam, and the 2015 MVP firing right back at the fan.

After it appears the two parties exchanged some words, the young man said to Newton, "stop playing, I'll fade you."

An undaunted Cam got right in his face. "You gon' do what?" he shot back, locking eyes with the boy, a stoic expression on Newton's face.

Needless to say, Newton—who is 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds—had a clear size advantage. Cam has clearly heard the worst of the worst from opposing NFL fans, but he probably wanted to teach this young blood a lesson: don't let your mouth write checks your body can't cash.

It was an unusually serious moment for Cam, who has been on a wave this offseason.

Newton's stats took a minor dip last season, and as a result, Madden 19 gave him a rating that was ... questionable.

Newton, who recently turned 29, will look to return to All-Pro form this season. Meanwhile, this young man will probably never forget this weirdly tense interaction with the Panthers signal-caller.