I always thought it was a myth that famous people created fictional accounts for the sole purpose of defending themselves on the internet, after all you'd think they'd have something better to do. And yet the recent revelations relating to Kevin Durant, and Bryan Colangelo's "wife," have me (and probably a lot of you) thinking that there are far more celebrities/athletes using burners to advocate on their own behalf than one would think.

It may take awhile, but someday somebody else will make a very tiny error that will reveal that they too use multiple accounts to publicly support themselves; and because of that online gambling outlet Bookmaker.eu is actually giving out odds on the next NBA player to briefly humiliate themself through this method.

As of this writing, those odds are:

Lonzo Ball +2000
JR Smith +4000
Rajon Rondo +6000
Demarcus Cousins +7000
Kyrie Irving +7000
Carmelo Anthony +7000
Draymond Green +8000
Kawhi Leonard +8000
Damian Lillard +8000
Blake Griffin +9000
Anthony Davis +10000
Russ Westbrook +10000
Steph Curry +10000
Giannis Antetokounmpo +10000

You're also free to bet that no one gets caught (not sure what the timeframe is, though), with the odds for that being: -9000.

Not sure why Lonzo's number one (as pointed out by a number of outlets already, his dad does enough trash talking to squash that urge). Also, LeBron seems to be a fairly noticeable absence, considering his decision on where to play next year will be amongst the most talked about news stories on the whole planet this summer.

Otherwise though, seems to be a pretty solid list.