A new eight-year partnership between Disney and Melbourne Stadiums Limited will see the complete re-brand of Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia to Marvel Stadium as of Sept. 1, Mashable reports. In addition to the new name for the 50,000 seat arena, there will be a Marvel store right inside the grounds, as well as other Marvel-character related "activations," the nature of which aren't fully clear just yet.

While the change is mainly in name alone, it just might get the right amount of real-life superhero action since actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Universe, is a huge fan of the Australian Football League’s Western Bulldogs who call the stadium home. Still, it would be cool to see an all-out makeover into the Grandmaster's Arena like the one in Thor: Ragnarok.

"Australian fans are amongst the most passionate in the world and through our partnership with MSL, we hope to bring people together, and provide them with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Marvel brand,” said Kylie Watson-Wheeler, senior vice president and managing director of the Walt Disney Company in Australia and New Zealand in a press statement. "Marvel is known for epic storytelling with heart, action, humour and relatability. MSL’s Docklands Stadium has told its own compelling stories over time, via a vast array of sport and entertainment. It’s why this partnership is such a great fit."

The stadium has gone through a few name and partnership changes in the past, but this might be the one that sticks.

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