ESPN’s telecast on Saturday of Game 3 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz featured the play-by-play duo of Ryan Ruocco and Kara Lawson with NFL insider Adam Schefter taking care of sideline reporting duties. With the 2018 NFL Draft less than a week away, Schefter was able to partake in something related to his other favorite sport before the football season starts up all over again. But even when he’s away from the game of football, Schefty still can’t escape questions from people looking to pry some information out of him.

During his brief interview with Thunder head coach Billy Donovan, Schefter was asked to provide some players that we need to know from the cornerback position. Nearly thrown off by the inquiry, Schefter was able to blurt out a few names before Donovan headed back to the OKC sidelines.

As much as we want to commend Donovan for putting Schefter on the spot, we can’t help but wonder why he would ask about a position like cornerback. Why not ask Schefter who he thinks the Cleveland Browns are taking with the first overall pick? Why not ask him for the latest news on Penn State running back Saquon Barkley? Why not ask him who he thinks [insert your favorite NFL team here] is getting in the first round? There are so many more questions we would have asked Schefty in that moment rather than something as random as cornerbacks.