PETA Is Coming for Von Miller After He Caught That Hammerhead Shark

Last week, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller caught a hammerhead shark while fishing in Miami. This week, PETA is trying to pin him down for doing something illegal.

Last week, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller caught a 9-and-a-half foot hammerhead shark while fishing off the coat of Miami during the NFL offseason. While the catch resulted in sheer enthusiasm and excitement for those on the boat, not everyone is as psyched. According to TMZ, PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—has been flipping out about the incident, accusing Von Miller and his friends of illegally catching and killing the shark.

While Von Miller and his crew reportedly tossed the animal back into the ocean after carrying it aboard, PETA’s accusatory claims that Von Miller caught and killed the shark illegally remain, with them hoping to “ensure Miller is held accountable.” TMZ reports the pro-animal group is adamantly taking this case as high as possible with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) now involved. This particular agency, a government law enforcement group that regulates all hunting and fishing in the state, is apparently considering its options.

The “FWC has received the images and video and is looking into whether or not a violation occurred in this incident,” Rob Klepper, FWC Public Information Coordinator, told TMZ. The hypothetical consequences Von Miller is facing are currently nebulous, with no clear punishment hanging over his head at this time—except perhaps, how some people might perceive him.

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