News from the NFL offseason: On Friday (or at least some day this week) ultra rich Broncos linebacker Von Miller reeled in a hammerhead shark along with some other people.

Whether or not this constitutes as good news probably depends upon your world perspective. Anyway, the final result was captured on Von's Instagram story in a clip where you kind of feel bad for the shark who was otherwise minding its business and doing shark things:

The capture went down off the coast of Miami Beach and was (according to the boat's captain) the biggest hammerhead that guy saw all season. Why would he lie? The nine-and-a-half foot shark saw his misfortune extended when he was photographed with Miller, and probably all the other people on the boat:

Miller and his pals also apparently caught a barracuda.

TMZ reports that when the crew was done taking photos and giving each other high fives they threw the shark back into the water. Still, all in all, not a great day for the shark or barracuda.