The Denver Broncos and linebacker Von Miller finally came together Friday to agree on a deal that is likely to give even the most impotent of diehard Broncos fans an erection. The agreement is for 6 years/$114.5 million, $70 million of which is guaranteed.

The final agreement comes after several months of contentious—and public—negotiations that had the organization set to apply the "franchise tag" to the four-time Pro Bowler, which would've secured him for a one-year contract for about $14 million.

However Miller stated, repeatedly, that he would sooner sit out the season than play under the franchise tag. The two sides had until 4 p.m. E.T. Friday to come to an agreement before the tag would've kicked in, and we all would've found out if Miller was bluffing or not.

Miller's deal puts his pay in line with the top quarterbacks in the league, making him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history. The deal also makes him the highest-paid defender in the history of the NFL, though the Broncos are sure to make a chunk of it back in fart fines.

As the deal became public Miller tweeted out the following:

With the Broncos soon following suit:

Last season Miller made the Pro Bowl for the fourth time in his career, in addition to winning the Super Bowl MVP Award. In the five seasons he's spent in the league after being drafted by Denver with the second overall pick in 2011, he's recorded 60 sacks and been a first-team All-Pro four times. Last season he had 35 tackles, 11 sacks and forced four fumbles, before adding another 11 tackles, 5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in the playoffs. 

Anyway, somewhere, we're sure he's out there celebrating his negotiating win/massive payday: