During Terrell Owens' final season with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008, ESPN published a story claiming that Owens grew jealous of Tony Romo's relationship with tight end Jason Witten. ESPN reports that T.O. aired out these grievances during a meeting with fellow wide receivers Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton, wide receiver coach Ray Sherman, and then-offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

In 2016, Owens looked back at his time with the Cowboys in an interview with The Dallas Morning News and alleged that Garrett was the one who leaked the information. "There were some things that were leaked out that were supposed to be in-house from meetings that myself, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton had with Jason Garrett," he said. "It just so happened, of the four of us -- and maybe five of us with coach [Ray] Sherman -- knowing about that meeting, things got leaked. That's a shame because, of those four guys, outside of Garrett, I'll put my life on it that none of them said anything." 

We're nearly a decade removed from that situation, and Owens still hasn't forgotten about what Garrett may or may not have revealed to ESPN. After T.O. revealed on Twitter on Friday that former Eagles head coach Andy Reid was the best coach he ever had, someone struck a match and brought up Garrett's name. 

Owens continued going on his rant about Garrett and how he ran the Cowboys' offense. 

Apparently, time doesn't always heal all wounds.