Roughly 24 hours after he concussed Bills rookie DB Tre'Davious White by jumping on him elbow first, like so...

...Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been suspended by the NFL. The suspension imposed upon him will not be a particularly long one, and will take place for one game if in fact it's held up upon appeal. Here's a letter explaining it that will probably put you to sleep:

The light suspension for an unnecessary move that caused an injury which has been nothing but bad for recent NFL PR seemed to get the goat of a number of NFL fans, who appear to be part of the large chunk of the public that can't decide whether the league sucks because their suspensions are too strict, or too lenient (today, apparently, it's the latter):

Well, that's how suspensions work when you reportedly decide them by throwing blindfolded at a dartboard. Also, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Gronk has already indicated he will appeal the ruling. I think it was in one of the tweets above but, if not, the Patriots play the Dolphins next Monday night.