On Sunday, Tom Brady threw a rare interception and, immediately after he did so, Rob Gronkowski dropped his elbow/entire 270 lb. frame onto the defender who snatched the pass out of the air (rookie DB Tre'Davious White), earning himself an extremely justified 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty (which, in Bills fashion, was offset anyway). It was a visual that will likely bring Gronk a sizable fine and, I don't know, maybe a suspension?

Not that surprisingly, White sustained a concussion from the blow and had to leave the game. In case you're wondering, Gronk was not ejected and in fact finished the game with a very solid nine catches for 147 yards.

In addition to White's early exit, after the contest Bills coach Sean McDermott said something that was difficult to hear, but appeared to be about the cheap shot to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Whatever it was that was said, Belichick concurred, apologized, and called the hit "bullsh*t":

Also Gronkowski apologized in the locker room afterward while simultaneously calling out the refs:

Not exactly his most lovable goofball moment.

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