Mavericks guard Dennis Smith Jr. is one of the most offensively explosive and entertaining rookies in the league. In his first year in the association, he’s putting up 14.4 points per game. Wednesday, at home, the 20-year-old hung 15 points, five assists and five rebounds against the Pistons, as the Mavericks—who have struggled this year—improved to 9-23 with a 110-93 win.

None of Smith’s buckets were more impressive than a jumper he hit over Detroit guard Reggie Jackson in the waning seconds of the first half. After Jackson switched onto Smith following a screen at the top of the key, Smith hit him with an okey-doke that surprised Jackson. Then, dribbling to his left, Smith drilled a fadeaway deep two, drawing a foul from a recovering Jackson in the process.

One fan in particular was thrilled with the play: rapper J. Cole, who was courtside. Cole ran on the court in awe of the play.

They’re both from Fayetteville, N.C., and are both proud of their North Carolina heritage. Cole has long shown love to his hometown boy.

“I kinda got used to it, man,” Smith told an AP reporter after the game. “He was courtside at almost every home game at [NC State]. He came out to the Summer League and was courtside for the Summer League. He’s just been touring and he finally made it back, came out and showed love, so I appreciate it.”

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