Back in April, Redskins linebacker Junior Galette was chased, tased, and arrested by police after allegedly taking part in a fight at the Biloxi Black Beach Weekend in Biloxi, Mississippi. According to reports about the arrest released at the time, police witnessed Galette punch someone at the event before he attempted to run away from them. They were eventually able to catch up to and subdue him by using a Taser, and police said that once the situation settled down, Galette was "cooperative" before being charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply.

On Wednesday morning, TMZ Sports released a body cam video of Galette trying to get away from police before being tased, and it’s even crazier than the initial reports made it sound. In the clip, Galette claims that he thought a police officer pointed a gun at him, which is why he decided to take off running. The officer then informs him that it was a Taser, and that he only pulled it out because Galette was initially not cooperative with police.

While speaking with the officers who tased and arrested him, Galette informed them that he was an active member of the Redskins roster. He also tried to downplay the role that he played in the initial fight that led to the brief chase.

"He hit me, sir," Galette told the cop.

"Y’all both hitting each other," the cop replied. "I tell you to stop and then you take off running. If you’re gonna run from me when I tell you to stop after I see you hit him, I’m gonna chase after you and I’m gonna tase you."

From what we can tell, Galette didn’t face any punishment from the NFL following this incident. But the player has had run-ins with the law before. He was arrested in 2015 on alleged domestic violence charges. A video that appeared to show him hitting a woman with a belt also emerged later that year. He was suspended for two games over the domestic violence charges.