Did you turn off the Dolphins/Ravens game on Thursday night early? We really hope so. The final score was 40-0, and there was absolutely no reason for anyone to be watching the game by the time the fourth quarter rolled around.

There were a few noteworthy things that took place near the end of the game, though. For example, there was a pick-six that took place with about 4 minutes remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter.

And while the Ravens obviously would have won without it, it was an exciting moment for everyone out there who bet the over (38 points) on the game.

There was also an incident that took place right before that involving Dolphins defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. Suh, who has gained a reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the NFL, grabbed Ravens backup quarterback Ryan Mallett by the throat after a play and almost started WW3 on the field.

And then, in what was easily the best moment of the entire game (and frankly, maybe the entire NFL season?), a cat managed to work its way down to the field near the very end of the game and actually ran onto the field for a few brief moments. Under normal circumstances, it would have disrupted the game. But because it was 40-0 at that point, it served as a much-welcomed distraction for everyone who was, for whatever reason, still watching at home. It also led to CBS broadcaster Tony Romo’s best call of the entire season.

"Perfect form, extension," Romo said. "I mean, doesn’t get phased if there are people around. Ohhh, look at that change in direction. Does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim? He’s in!"

Romo's spectacular call got quite a reaction from those on Twitter.

Sadly, the cat didn’t get a post-game interview on the NFL Network. But on Thursday night, he was the star of the show.