Anytime Marshawn Lynch gets behind the wheel of a car, it usually makes for good TV. Whether he’s talking about driving an Uber or dishing out NSFW vehicle reviews, Lynch is funny—even funnier than usual—when he’s seated inside of a car. So it made sense for him to kick off his new Bleacher Report show, No Script, at Dream Racing, a race track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where he got the chance to put on a racing uniform and try his hand at drifting with some guidance from race car driver Alessandro Bressan.

Just one problem: Lynch doesn’t take direction very well, so when he hopped behind the wheel, he was laughing and having a good old time as he recklessly whipped his ride all over the place. But Bressan was left to try and get Lynch to slow down as he did some pretty serious damage to the tires on the car. So much damage that it sounds like Dream Racing was thinking about shutting down the production of the show before they finally agreed to let Lynch stay, as long as he didn’t get behind the wheel again. Good times!

Even though the driving portion of the day didn’t necessarily go exactly as planned, Lynch still had a ball and gave everyone a taste of what they can expect from his new show moving forward. Outside of driving cars, he also got a tour of the B/R office that will house his show and got the chance to listen to some ideas for future episodes. He loved a few of them, but this one about him potentially playing tennis against a then-pregnant Serena Williams? Eh, not so much.

You can check out the 15-minute premiere of No Script in the clip above. Don’t be surprised if you see Lynch behind the wheel of other vehicles moving forward since that seems to be where the magic happens when the cameras start rolling.