Marshawn Lynch doesn’t agree to do interviews very often, but when he does, they usually produce some pretty classic material. And that’s exactly what he delivered when he agreed to do an interview in the backseat of a car with technology website Digital Trends while appearing as a guest judge for Digital Trends’ Car of the Year Awards.

During the interview, Lynch was asked to talk about which cars he has in his collection at the moment. We’ve seen him drive a Lamborghini before, so you would think he would rattle off a bunch of luxury rides, right? Yeah, no. Instead, Lynch—who is extremely “cheap,” according to his cousin Mistah F.A.B.—said he keeps at least one or two more affordable options around. Much like Kawhi Leonard, who drives a 1997 Chevy Tahoe despite his $94 million contract, Lynch joked with Digital Trends about driving a used car that was made the same year he was born.

“Right now, I got a Honda Civic, ’86,” he said. “But you know what? I’m gonna tell you like this. I went from the Honda Civic, and I stepped my game up to the Toyoa Prius though. I’m going green. It’s comfortable. It’s fashionable.”

Lynch didn’t stop there. In addition to talking about the Civic and Prius that he may or may not own (we suspect he was probably just messing around—but then again, who knows?!), he also joked with Digital Trends about working as an Uber driver during his downtime.

“When I’m just home just bored a little bit, I just turn on my Uber sticker,” he said. “I put my Uber sticker in the front and I go and I Uber around the city.”

Hmmm...maybe he'll pick Steph Curry up one day?!

Later, Lynch also inquired about getting a job with Digital Trends now that he’s 100 percent retired from the NFL. And when he was asked to state his qualifications for such a job, he gave a pretty amazing answer—even though it probably won’t end up landing him a gig with the tech company since it had absolutely nothing to do with, you know, tech.

“I do everything—from fly fishin’ to badminton!” he said, quoting Mac Dre's "Err Thang."

Well, okay then. Elsewhere in the interview, Lynch discussed his retirement from football and the charity work that he does throughout the world. You can watch that portion of the interview here:

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