With about 60 hours remaining until his fight with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather has apparently decided that it’s time to up the ante. He has obviously said all kinds of crazy things about McGregor over the course of the last few months, and in the last few days in particular, he has ratcheted it up a notch and openly started predicting how he will beat McGregor when the two touch gloves on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

But during an interview early Thursday night, Mayweather made one of his craziest statements about McGregor yet while speaking with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. Mayweather was asked at the beginning of the interview—which took place shortly after 4 a.m. at his Girl Collection strip club in Vegas—to guess what McGregor was doing at the same time. And he said that he thought McGregor was probably busy "trying to make weight" for the fight.

Mayweather has recently accused McGregor of struggling to cut weight prior to their official weigh-in for the fight. And after telling Helwani that he’s already at a comfortable weight and prepared for the weigh-in himself, Mayweather lobbed a pretty serious accusation in McGregor’s direction when, unprompted, he revealed that he’s heard McGregor might be doing some illegal things to stay hydrated while bringing his weight down. Specifically, Mayweather said that he’s heard McGregor has been using IV bags, which is not allowed in boxing, to maintain his hydration levels as he aims to lose weight.

"From what I was told—I do my homework—I been hearing a lot about him getting IV bags," Mayweather said. "I don’t know if it’s true. I’m just saying 'rumors.' They say he got like seven IV bags, and with the Nevada [Athletic] Commission, that’s illegal, from what I was told. But once again, I don’t know if it’s true, but allegedly, he got seven IV bags."

Mayweather then told Helwani he got that information from "a strong source," but he also seemed to backpedal away from what he said a few moments later when he was pressed further on it. Helwani essentially repeated what Mayweather had told him while asking a question, and Mayweather politely, but firmly, asked him not to put words in his mouth and refused to speak further on the subject.

"Now you like to put words in my mouth," Mayweather said. "Don’t do that. What I’ve already spoke about and what I’ve said, I’m gonna leave it there. I’m not going to keep engaging in this. What I said is what I said."

For what it’s worth, UFC president Dana White has already come out and disputed the report Mayweather delivered to Helwani. TMZ Sports reached out to White on Thursday morning, and he denied everything Mayweather said. He also reminded everyone that Mayweather was the one who was caught up in a serious scandal involving an IV after his 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao.

You can watch Mayweather talk about McGregor's alleged IV bags at the 4:45 mark of the clip above.