When Draymond Green hit the red carpet at the first-ever NBA Awards on Monday night, he did so in an outfit that was very… interesting. From the waist up, the Warriors star looked like he was just wearing a stylish tux. It doesn’t look like anything is all that out of the ordinary in the photo above. But from the waist done? That was a different story, as Green decided to pair his tux with a pair of shorts. And plenty of people out there clowned him for doing it:

NBA Awards host Drake had some jokes for Green, too. Even though Green went on to win the Defensive Player of the Year award for the first time that night, it didn’t stop Drake from opening fire on Green’s choice of attire for the event. He also took a lighthearted shot at Gucci Mane in the process:

Green responded on Monday night by doing a little roasting of his own. He snapped a couple videos of the shoes Drake chose to wear to the NBA Awards and shared them with his Snapchat followers:

And during a press conference for his Defensive Player of the Year award on Wednesday night, Green continued roasting Drake. He was asked about the response his NBA Awards outfit received and he downplayed those who tried to hate on him. He also sent out a special message out to Drake and said that he feels like he’s doing something right with his style choices if Drake has something bad to say about them:

"Drake talking about fashion does not work," Green said. "It just doesn’t work… I can’t wear anything that he thinks is OK. I don’t expect him to understand. It’s fine… if he approves, you’re all wrong, all the way wrong."

This is all in good fun, but it isn’t the first time Drake and Draymond have gone toe-to-toe. While Green acknowledged that Drake name-dropping him on a song was his "Mama, I made it" moment, he also poked fun at him once or twice last season.