The Warriors have won 66 games this season and are primed to contend for the NBA title. Drake just dropped his latest album, More Life, and has broken a number of records for streaming since it dropped. None of these facts appear to be capable of stopping Draymond Green from roasting them for questionable fashion choices.

Green was out on the town with Drake, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry after the Warriors toppled the Pelicans on Saturday night, and he documented portions of their night on the town on his Snapchat feed. Drake caught the brunt of Draymond's wrath for a white shoes, white sock combo that looks ripped off from un-hip suburban dads everywhere. 

But Green's Warriors teammates weren't safe from the ether, and he quickly moved on to attacking Durant and Curry for their sub-par jacket choices. Denim jackets have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, but Green doesn't appear to be a fan of the camouflage variation of that look.

Maybe we should have expected this from a crew surrounding Curry, the man whose name is on one of the most panned pairs of kicks of all time. Just as success begets success, hanging with people who can't pull a fit off might have a damaging effect on your own style. If one of your boys is walking around rocking sneakers that look like you could mow the lawn in them, you might need to reevaluate your choices in life.

Even if we can't blame Chef Curry for this crew's style, Green was probably going to find a way to let them all have it regardless. It's hard to keep a trash talker quiet, even when you get them away from the court.