The NBA Playoffs may not be thrilling just yet, but they haven't been predictable either. Who would have thought we'd see all these blowout games? Or that Manu Ginobili would crush young James Harden's hopes and dreams? Who knew the Celtics would make it so far? Or that Zaza would be the new Bruce Bowen? But no matter how the first few rounds play out, the one certainty is that it will end the same way: with LeBron James in the Finals.

In fact, the last time King James was not in the Finals was June 2010. After his Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Celtics and Lakers became the last teams standing. The Lake Show went on to take the title, and sitting at home was so painful for LeBron that soon thereafter he made a Decision that would ensure he'd never miss the Finals again. As LeBron prepares to make his seventh straight appearance, let's take a look at what life was like the last time he wasn't the star of the show.