Mia Khalifa might just be the biggest celebrity sports fan in all of Washington, D.C. right now. Her Twitter timeline has pretty much been devoted to nothing but the Wizards and Capitals over the course of the last month. And while she was forced to fall back from talking trash about the Caps after they lost to the Penguins in a Game 7 matchup earlier this month, she showed that she’s a true ride or die D.C. sports fan by riding out the rest of the Wizards’ postseason even as she mourned the Caps’ loss.

Khalifa really gets into it, too. During the Wizards’ second-round playoff series against the Celtics, she trolled Isaiah Thomas on several occasions and got the Boston fans all riled up by repeatedly making fun of his height:

She also showed love for Wizards superstar John Wall every chance she got:

With all that in mind, Khalifa probably would have gone crazy if the Wizards had been able to go into Boston on Monday night and beat the Celtics in Game 7 of their series. It would have more than made up for the Capitals’ loss—and it would have made the Eastern Conference Finals more interesting than people are expecting them to be. Can you imagine what Khalifa would have had to say about LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love?

But it wasn’t meant to be. The Celtics beat the Wizards 115-105 to advance to the ECF to play the Cavs, and as you would expect, Khalifa was not happy about it. Throughout Game 7, she repeatedly took aim at Celtics role player Kelly Olynyk, who surprisingly scored 26 points during the game to lead the Boston to a win, and she did it as only she can:

She also pointed out that she wanted the Wizards to win more for Wall and his teammate Bradley Beal than she wanted them to win for her:

And when it became clear that the Wizards weren’t going to win, she got really petty about the game and, in her own words, pulled a "you ugly anyway" on the Celtics:

That, of course, led to more than a few responses from Celtics fans. They jumped all over Khalifa when she took shots at Thomas earlier in the series, and they were more than happy to keep it going once Boston won. They trolled her relentlessly following the game:

It doesn’t sound like Khalifa cares too much, if at all. She sent this tweet out in the middle of her anti-Celtics outburst to let everyone know that, despite the outcome of the season, she enjoyed watching the Wizards play this year:

But did that shut Celtics fans up? Nope:

Oh well. There’s always next season, right?