During an interview with ESPN.com earlier this week, Kobe Bryant said that he would be more than happy to give advice to just about anyone in the NBA. He mentioned that he has spoken to Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Gordon Hayward, and, most recently, Isaiah Thomas, and he said that, if guys want to call him for assistance, he would be open to lending a ear.

"I’m around for all the guys," he said. "Anybody can reach out. It’s an open book."

Seems nice, right? Kobe is one of the best NBA players of all-time, so who wouldn’t want to pick his brain a little bit about the game of basketball?

We’ll give you one guess! No, really, go ahead and guess who said that he wouldn’t want to talk to Kobe.



You already know who we’re talking about. It’s LaVar Ball, and during an interview on ESPN Radio 710 LA on Thursday morning, he was asked if his son Lonzo would reach out to Kobe for advice. And his answer was pretty much exactly what you would expect from him if you’ve spent the last couple months monitoring everything he’s said during interviews.

"I don’t need no advice from Kobe Bryant," Ball said. "I don’t need advice from Kobe Bryant. 'Zo’s got to play his game. If they’re at practice and he sees something and Lonzo listens to him or whatever, he’s good…But it’s just not, ‘OK, I’m talking to Kobe, so now I’m going to be good.' If Kobe sees something that ‘Zo is doing, then go from there. But I’m not trying to pattern after nobody."

Lots of people have already pointed out that LaVar threw himself into the equation and said "I don’t need advice from Kobe Bryant" as if he would be the one that was asking for it:

Others have pointed out his (possibly shrewd?) use of a double negative in his answer:

But mostly, people are just upset—again—over what LaVar said and are ripping him for getting on Kobe’s bad side for no real reason:

Say what you want about the guy, but he keeps finding new ways to keep his name out there. It seems like it’s going to blow up in his son’s face at some point, though, doesn’t it?

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