There's really only one question to answer in this series, right? 

That being, how many games can the Celtics get off the Cavs? Because everybody and their mother is predicting the Cavaliers waltz into another NBA Finals and make quick work out of the upstart Celtics, trying to put a cap on a most unexpected run to the No. 1 seed in the East.

But should we be selling the Celtics so short? They do have the 5'9" dynamo Isaiah Thomas running the show and a rugged supporting cast that helped Boston win 53 games during the regular season, two more than the Cavs. But Cleveland, of course, still has the best player in the world running their show, and LeBron James, after complaining about needing more players, has about as deep of a supporting cast as he's ever had with sharpshooters littering the roster. 

We think the Cavs are going to have an easy time of it before they inevitably meet the Warriors for a third straight season on the game's biggest stage. But that doesn't mean there aren't a bunch of interesting storylines in the Eastern Conference Finals that we can dissect, discuss and debunk before tip-off Wednesday night in Boston. Like how bad is the Cavs defense (still)? Is this Isaiah Thomas's time to shine? And what should we expect from another Kelly Olynyk vs. Kevin Love playoff showdown?