Emotions were obviously running high amongst fans following Sunday’s NFC playoff game between the Cowboys and Packers at AT&T Stadium in Texas. So high that, after Aaron Rodgers made a miraculous throw to Jared Cook to set up a game-winning field goal at the end of the contest, at least two Cowboys fans violently attacked a man in a Rodgers jersey as fans exited the stadium.

In the video above, which was published by TMZ Sports, you can see the Packers fan on the ground in the middle of the vicious attack, which reportedly involved the Cowboys fans punching and kicking him while he was down. It’s unclear what started the big brawl, but as you can see in the video, it got so bad at one point that there were Cowboys fans who appeared to step in on behalf of the Packers fan and help him.

At this time, it doesn’t sound as though any arrests have been made in connection with the brutal beatdown. But in addition to the video above, another video from a higher vantage point was also released, so it shouldn’t be too long before the police track down the culprits, assuming, of course, they are actively looking for them. You can see the second video here:

This is, sadly, not the first major fight involving Cowboys fans this season. From a fight between two Giants fans and a Cowboys fan that left the Dallas fan with his pants hanging around his ankles to a fight that involved male Cowboys fans going at it with female Redskins fans, there have been several Cowboys fan fights that have made headlines this season. A Steelers fan also died following an altercation with a Cowboys fan at a game in Pittsburgh this season. This seems to be a very problematic trend.