There weren't many fan fights during Week 1 of the 2016-17 NFL season—at least, there weren't many fan fights that were caught on camera and then posted on the internet—but Week 2 was a much different story. Seahawks and Rams fans went at it in Los Angeles when their teams took the field on Sunday, and in Oakland, a Raiders fan got knocked out by two of his fellow Raiders fans after he tried to pick on a fan twice his size. But the worst fan fight of the bunch took place in the parking lot outside of the Cowboys/Redskins game in Washington, D.C. between a large group of Cowboys and Redskins fans.

Deadspin received a tip—and a video—from a reader that shows a Cowboys fan attacking two women at the game and starting a big brawl between fans from both teams. In the clip above, you'll see the fan chase down a woman in a Redskins shirt and trip her before striking a second woman who tried to intervene. It's unclear what started it all, but it escalated quickly. Once the Cowboys fan hit the second woman, more than a dozen fans got involved, and according to the Deadspin tipster, they all fought for several minutes.

It doesn't sound like anyone was arrested as a result of the fight, but now that the video has started to make the rounds online, we wouldn't be surprised if local police attempted to track down the Cowboys fan who started all of this.