The YouTube caption for the NSFW video above tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it: "The Giants went 3-0 vs the Cowboys this season. Two times on the field, and one time off it."

But just in case you want to fully prepare yourself for what you’re about to see, here’s a quick rundown: A Cowboys fan—who may or may not have enjoyed himself a little bit too much during a tailgate—exchanged words with two Giants fans before a game in Dallas at the start of the 2016-17 NFL season. A woman who was with the Cowboys fan wisely told the man, "Hey, look, yelling at these two guys who don’t look like they’re scared of you one bit might not be the best idea." The Cowboys fan didn’t listen, though, and…


One of the Giants fans—who was outfitted in a Lawrence Taylor jersey, no less—knocked him the $&%^ out with one punch. The Cowboys fan then laid on the ground for a few seconds before making his way back to his feet and stumbling in the other direction. But after taking just a few steps, his shorts came loose and ended up on the ground, leaving him looking like this:

Cowboys fan gets knocked out by Giants fan.
Image via YouTube

All the while, the woman who was with him was looking at him like, "Didn’t I tell you that was going to happen?" And while some guy in a Sean Lee jersey continued talking trash to the Giants fans, he didn’t bother trying to get physical with them. Because, well, he just saw what happened to the first guy and he didn’t want to lose his pants, too.

It took about four months for this video to surface, long enough for the Cowboys fan to regain some of his pride. But there’s no way he’s going to live this down now that it’s circulating on the internet. Let this serve as yet another example of why you shouldn’t talk shit to opposing fans—or hell, fans of the team you cheer for—when you’re at an NFL game. It never seems to end well, does it?