The Soulja Boy/Chris Brown beef seemed to reach its peak early last week when Mike Tyson inexplicably got involved with it and announced that he was going to be training Brown for the artists’ upcoming celebrity boxing match. 50 Cent brought Tyson into the mix when he posted an Instagram video that showed him having a conversation with the legendary boxer about helping Brown prepare for the fight.

"Soulja Boy’s gonna get fucked up!" Tyson said during the course of the conversation. Tyson also posted his own IG video confirming that he would, in fact, play a part in Brown’s training for the fight:

And Tyson didn’t stop there. A couple days later, he posted a cryptic tweet indicating that he was in the studio "dropping heat." It was unclear what he was talking about at the time, but that studio session eventually led to him recording a Soulja Boy diss song called "If You Show Up" that also featured him taking some shots at Floyd Mayweather, who will be training Soulja for the fight.

After that, we didn’t think there was any way the Soulja/Chris beef could get any crazier, at least as far as Tyson is concerned. But early Tuesday morning, Tyson decided that he was going to continue pushing his diss song by releasing a music video for "If You Show Up," directed by Tonio Skits.

The video, which you can watch at the top, doesn’t actually feature much from Tyson (outside of his stellar, er, "rapping," of course). But it does feature a bunch of females taunting Soulja throughout the video as well as a short parody of Soulja’s recent alleged robbery. Tyson does come through for a quick cameo at the end.

Will this signify the end of Tyson’s involvement in the Soulja/Chris beef? Hopefully not. If a fight between the two artists really goes down, there’s nothing we’d like to see more than Tyson ringside. But for all of our sakes, let’s hope it’s the last time Tyson takes things to the studio to weigh in on the beef. One diss track is more than enough.