There was a beef yesterday that captured our hearts and minds, a battle between two of the most polarizing figures the hip-hop game has ever seen: Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Like most celebrity beefs these days, it all started on social media. In this case, with a single Instagram like.

Soulja Boy liked a picture on Karrauche's Instagram page and her ex Chris Brown, according to Soulja at least, didn't take too kindly to it (because, apparently, he thinks he owns the women he's been with).

So, maybe this is partly Instagram's fault? The good folks over there felt like it was a good idea to let people see who likes pictures. Mostly, though, it's the fault of Chris Brown. Anyway, this led to a mountain of responses from both artists (and one from Karrauche) on both IG and Twitter.

He even trolled Karrueche:

Soulja Boy Karrueche Tweet
Image via Twitter

Which then led Chris to challenging him to a celebrity boxing match sanctioned by none other than professional boxer/troll Adrien Broner:

Things then exploded last night when it seemed like Soulja was robbed of his phone on IG Live:

And of course, Breezy chimed in with everybody else with a couple IG vids (I lost it when Chris took a pull from that bogie).

But if you look at the video carefully, Soula put his phone down, tucked his chain in, and squared up with dude that shoved him in the video:

And then he walked through "Bompton" to prove that he's good in the hood:

Next, the plot twist: Soulja woke up this morning with a change of heart after talking to his mom. He apologized for his crackhead behavior:

But then Adrien Broner posted a flyer on his Instagram talking about a fight between Soula and Brown scheduled for March. This is definitely pay-per-view worthy (or at least illegal-stream-worthy):

Who you got?