Running into your ex at the club when you’re out trying to have a good time? That’s awkward. But running into your ex at the club when you’re trying to have a good time after a judge specifically told you that you're not allowed to contact her? That’s potentially illegal.

That’s the situation Johnny Manziel finds himself in right now, though, thanks to a development that went down on New Year’s Day. Manziel was partying at the Miami hotspot LIV when his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley walked in. And it could present a problem for the former NFL quarterback since he was told to have "no contact with" Crowley as a result of a domestic violence case that was dismissed in late 2016.

All indications are that Manziel was in the club first and didn’t know that Crowley was going to be there. It also sounds like he steered clear of speaking directly with her. But as TMZ Sports pointed out, it appears as though Manziel saw Crowley and then posted a message about her on Snapchat.

"She knows LIV on Sunday is church!" he reportedly wrote. "Pfff surprised she was even able to get in without me."

That seems innocent enough, but TMZ Sports reached out to the Dallas County D.A.’s Office, which handled Manziel’s domestic violence case, and they revealed they're looking into the situation to see if Manziel violated the terms of the agreement he struck when the case was dismissed.

"We have been made aware of recent developments and prosecutors are currently reviewing the information and case to ensure that he is compliant with his terms," a spokesperson for the D.A.’s office said.

If they determine Manziel was in the wrong, he could be prosecuted for the original misdemeanor assault charge that was filed against him. That seems highly unlikely, but Manziel’s partying continues to haunt him, even when he’s not actively doing anything wrong.