Johnny Manziel, the last quarterback to win a game with the Browns, reached a deal with prosecutors on Thursday that would conditionally dismiss the domestic assault case that was brought against him after he allegedly hit and threatened his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley at a Dallas hotel back in January. The Heisman Trophy winner had been facing a misdemeanor assault charge that could have carried a penalty of up to a year in jail, plus a $4,000 fine.

Following a court hearing on Thursday, Manziel's defense attorney Jim Darnell said that more work still needs to be done before the deal is finalized, but he added that he was encouraged by how things went in court. The judge in the case set another hearing for December 1, which is the date the case could ultimately be settled if each side can work out the final terms for a dismissal. According to the Dallas Morning News, an agreement to dismiss the case has been reached in principle, though it can't be made official until the aforementioned date.

The deal will reportedly also dismiss a DWI charge. However, if Manziel were to be charged with family violence in the future, he would be subsequently charged with a felony under the terms of the deal. He's also not permitted to own or transport firearms. Furthermore, even if he isn't convicted of the domestic assault charge, Manziel will likely have a six-game suspension waiting for him should he ever return to the NFL:

This, of course, will almost certainly never kick in as nobody, not even the desperate Browns, appears even remotely interested in signing Manziel at this time.