For reason No. 443 why women are better than men, meet Katie Levitre. Katie is the wife of Andy, an offensive guard for the Atlanta Falcons. This past Saturday, Katie went to the Georgia Dome to support her husband and his team in their divisional round game against the Seattle Seahawks. Then, it happened. Prior to kickoff, she went into labor. "My wife went into labor right before the game started," Levitre told FOX 5 Atlanta. "She came to the game and sat through the game while she was in labor."

The Falcon was unaware of his wife's situation until a team staff member told him after the game. "I went and showered up, came outside, we went home for like an hour, went to the hospital and then she gave birth," Levitre recalls. Katie gave birth to Lily Gene, who was given the name "Gene" in honor of Andy's father who "has five boys and always wanted a girl." 

As if Katie hasn't already established herself as the real MVP, she's also taking care of the newborn, so her husband will be ready to face the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. "She's taking one for the team, literally," Levitre said. "I really appreciate what she's doing for me."

So, what does Falcons fan Future think about Katie staying for an entire game while in labor, just for her husband? 

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