Remember when Johnny Manziel vowed to get "completely sober" starting July 1? If you thought his commitment would run its course in about one month, sadly, you may have been correct.

Page Six is reporting that Manziel was spotted at Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub in West Hollywood on Saturday breaking his self-imposed pledge.

"He was with a group of five and stayed for 25 minutes," said a spy. "He had a ginger shot — a specialty drink with whiskey. And downed a rum and Coke."

Even after declaring his commitment to sobriety, Manziel hasn't shied away from the party scene. On Friday, TMZ Sports caught up with the 23-year-old outside of The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, where he expressed his desire to return to the NFL one day and appeared sober enough to get behind the wheel. Last month, the former Texas A&M quarterback attended Von Miller's ESPY Awards pre-party in Hollywood and seemed more intrigued by catching Pokémon than taking a drink

When Page Six reached out to Manziel's attorney for a comment, he didn't appear troubled by their discovery. “If you are running a story on [his drinking], that’s pretty incredible," he responded. "That’s the dumbest story I think I have ever heard, but you all are certainly welcome to it.” But something tells us that right after hitting send, this guy pulled up Johnny's email address, and fired off a quick message to him, looking like that Kermit GIF

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