On Tuesday, Johnny Manziel created quite a stir on the internet by simply being alive and wearing a Browns jersey at an airport. As he boarded a plane to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he was photographed by tons of fellow passengers who recognized him. Photos of Manziel ended up online, and he was later forced to defend his decision to fly to Cabo, even though he's got all kinds of issues in his personal life right now.

Manziel was also forced to defend himself again a short time later after a girl who is reportedly staying with Manziel and a bunch of his friends in Cabo Snapchatted a photo that contained what appeared to be drugs. Manziel told TMZ Sports that he doesn't know who the girl is, and he also revealed that he won't be doing drugs in Mexico and said that he has plans to get "completely sober" in the very near future. He has a date picked out and everything. On July 1—as in, this Friday—Manziel apparently plans on turning his life around so that he can start "training like crazy" in preparation for an NFL comeback.

How did Manziel arrive at July 1? Perhaps his decision was triggered by his now-former lawyer showing no faith in him. Or maybe he decided it was time to get clean after his dad told ESPN.com that he hopes his son goes to jail so that he can get his life back together. Or maybe he really does want to make a comeback in the NFL.

Whatever the case, Manziel says he's going to change his ways soon. But until then, it looks like he's going to enjoy himself in Cabo. Just take a look at this photo that has been circulating on Wednesday:


On a brighter note, it does sound like Manziel has plenty of options available if he is serious about getting help with going "completely sober." Early Wednesday, NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said the NFL and the Browns have made themselves available to Manziel. All he needs to do is ask.

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