Since its release last week, the Pokémon Go app has added to much of the current insanity we are hearing in the daily news. Just look at the following examples here: people are literally falling off cliffs, being found dead, stumbling upon the damning news their significant others are creeping, strapping their smartphones to their ceiling fans to get better scores, and getting super emotional losing sleep for the immediate love of playing this God-forsaken game. And to top it off, we somehow tend to believe that this game is going to help Hillary Clinton win the presidential election in November. Well, at least it's doing some justice by helping cops track down registered pedophiles, and U.S. troops destroying the evils of ISIS while playing the game.

Anyway, another crazy guy to add to this list, Johnny Manziel, took a break from partying ways (well, kinda) in Hollywood to play this app. Since he's currently not getting any offers from NFL teams, and doesn't seem to care much about it, Manziel was in 1Oak nightclub on Tuesday during Von Miller's ESPY Awards pre-party in Hollywood. He can be seen in the video above walking through the crowd rubbing shoulders with the clubs patrons, completely zoned in on what this game has to offer.

At least Johnny is too consumed by the fun of the game to start brawling in the club or acting a fool by way of his infamous drunken and drugged-out stupors. So play as much as you can, Johnny. Keep going.

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