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UPDATE (5:15 p.m.):

It looks like Johnny Manziel has read some of the headlines he generated on Tuesday by flying to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in a Josh Gordon jersey. He just posted this photo on Instagram that features a bold caption proclaiming that he won't take the jersey off for a week. Additionally, the photo features the hashtag—welp—#hiDad:

Manziel posted this as well:

See original story below.

Johnny Manziel seems like the last guy who should be taking a vacation right now. Between his lawyer, er, former lawyer "accidentally" sending a text to the Associated Press detailing Manziel's recent troubles and his own father saying that he hopes Manziel goes to jail soon, there are clearly some issues Manziel needs to work out—and he's probably not going to be able to work them out in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But that didn't stop Manziel from reportedly boarding a flight to Cabo on Tuesday morning. It also didn't stop from him causing quite a scene at the airport when he arrived. Manziel didn't do anything crazy, but when he showed up for the flight, he was wearing a Browns jersey. It wasn't his jersey—No. 12 belongs to his former teammate and seemingly close friend Josh Gordon—but still, it just screamed, "JOHNNY MANZIEL IS HERE"!

Of course, fellow passengers took notice of Manziel due in large part to the jersey, which he was reportedly wearing on Monday night hours before boarding his flight:

And even though Manziel probably should have at least tried to keep a low profile, the jersey made that pretty much impossible. On his way across the border, multiple people snapped photos of him and posted them on social media to prove that Manziel was, in fact, hopping on a plane in a Browns jersey.

Here's one photo that was taken:

Here's a couple more:

Here's one that Manziel agreed to take:

And here's the original photo that caused a stir on Twitter:

No word yet on what Manziel is planning to do while he's down in Cabo, but if his last trip to Mexico is any indication, it's going to be a long week. And if he doesn't take that jersey off soon, it's not going to hard for the paparazzi to find him.