Earlier this week, Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon made headlines after reports emerged indicating that the two former teammates have been living together in Los Angeles. It’s still a little bit unclear what their living arrangements are, but according to a TMZ Sports report, the two were together Sunday night after Gordon picked Manziel up following a hit-and-run accident in Hollywood.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Manziel was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Ryan Silverstein—a.k.a. “OVO Ryan” of Drake’s OVO crew—that hit a light pole at around 10:45 on Sunday night. They’re also reporting that, after the accident took place, both Silverstein and Manziel fled the scene and that Gordon eventually picked them up. They returned to the scene a short time later, and witnesses to the crash reportedly identified Silverstein as the driver.

At this time, it doesn’t sound like Manziel or Gordon are in any trouble as a result of what happened, but Manziel was reportedly interviewed by police for his role in the accident and Silverstein may face a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge. Police are still investigating the situation.

Stay tuned for additional information.

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