Late last month, Johnny Manziel was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. During that altercation, he allegedly assaulted her, and he is currently being investigated for domestic violence in Dallas.

Despite all of this, Manziel reportedly hasn’t slowed down when it has come to partying. He was recently spotted rapping along to Drake’s “Back to Back” at former teammate Mike Evans’ wedding. And according to a new report released by the Daily Mail, Manziel was in Mexico in the days leading up to the wedding having a good time.

The entire Daily Mail report is based on anonymous sources, so you should take it with a grain of salt. But those sources claim Manziel and four of his friends flew to Cabo San Lucas in early February. While there, they reportedly stayed in a five-bedroom house that “was littered with bikini-clad girls hanging by the pool.” And it seems Manziel wasn’t all that worried about what was happening back in the United States during his vacation.

“Johnny didn’t seem to have a care in the world,” a source said. “All the troubles he has back in America seemed to melt away once he arrived in Cabo and really let his hair down. He was surrounded by all of his boys, attractive girls, and plenty of alcohol. He was having a good time.”

How good of a time? Well…

“The guys had so many condoms that they were blowing them up into balloons and throwing them around the villa for fun,” another source said. “They would pick up girls from the beach and invite them back to the villa. They had one party and there were 15 girls there.”

You can read the Daily Mail report here. As we said, we don’t know how much stock we put into it. But if Manziel really went to Mexico for almost a week after what happened with Crowley, WTF?

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