During an interview with Time in April, Ronda Rousey admitted that she’s still having trouble dealing with the mental anguish that's come along with her losing to Holly Holm at UFC 193. She has had a really tough time dealing with the fact that she won’t be able to retire undefeated, and apparently, she’s taken out some of her frustrations on those who congratulated Holm for beating her.

Rousey’s rival Miesha Tate—who beat Holm at UFC 196 in March to ruin the idea of a Rousey/Holm rematch—appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience on Thursday and talked about how Rousey allegedly cursed out her fellow UFC fighter Paige VanZant for congratulating Holm on her victory. According to Tate, she spoke with VanZant at a party recently and VanZant told her about a hostile encounter she had with Rousey at a Reebok event.

“She was like, ‘We were at a Reebok deal just recently,'" Tate said. "She’s like, ‘We were at a shoot, and I was trying to find her so we could get a picture, and the Reebok people were like, Don’t ask Ronda for a picture.’ She’s like,’ Why?’ They’re like, ‘Just don’t. Stay away from Ronda. Don’t ask her for a picture.’ She’s like, ‘Okay.’ I guess Ronda came later that day and seeked her out and cussed her out. Like, they’ve never really had a conversation, either. She’s like, ‘I don’t really know Ronda, other than hi and bye. That’s it.’ I guess Ronda came up and was like, ‘Fuck you, you fair-weather bitch. How dare you cross me?’ She’s like, ‘Cross you? What are you talking about?’ And [Ronda] was like, ‘You congratulated Holly Holm for beating me. So fuck you, you fair-weather, 115 pound…’ She just went off on Paige.”

TMZ Sports reached out to VanZant yesterday, and she confirmed the encounter.

“It appears that I offended Ronda by congratulating Holly after her victory,” she said in a statement. “The incident was very shocking and totally unnecessary.”

Rousey hasn’t responded to the claims made by Tate or VanZant yet. But if she did do this, are you surprised? She's been very vocal about how upset she was about losing to Holm, so it shouldn't come as a huge shock to hear that she was angry with those who gave Holm props.

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