During an interview with Nardwuar last month, Snoop Dogg didn’t pull any punches when asked to describe "K.O.B.E.," the 2000 rap single released by Kobe Bryant. Even though Snoop is a big Kobe fan, he referred to the song as "bullshit at its finest." And when Nardwuar spoke with Drake recently for the interview he released this morning and told him about what Snoop said, Drake couldn't contain his laughter.

"Just look at the feature," Drake said, pointing at Tyra Banks’ name on the cover of Kobe’s single. "Tyra Banks has always been my wife. That’s my woman crush everyday type vibe. But in Toronto, we call this 'trying to ting.' This is when you’re just 'trying to ting.' You don’t know if it’s going to work, but you’re 'trying to ting.' This is Kobe just…"

Nardwuar stopped Drake from going any further, but he then pulled out a copy of Destiny’s Child's 1999 single "Say My Name," which featured a remix with Kobe on it.

Drake, who was apparently unaware that the remix existed, lost it.

"They let this happen?" he asked. "No! Really? Wow. I mean…Kobe Bryant rapping with Destiny’s Child. That’s how you know you’re playing your sport well, if they let you on a record. 'Cause I don’t know if we’re letting Kobe on VIEWS as much as we love him."

Drake then admitted that, while he certainly wasn’t a fan of Kobe’s rapping, he was a fan of his one-time teammate/fellow rapper Shaquille O’Neal. He apparently has way more respect for Shaq’s rap career than he does for Kobe’s and even remembers liking a couple of his songs.

"Shaq was actually rapping," Drake said, "And I have to admit that, at one point in my life, I was actually into, like, maybe one or two Shaq songs."

Outside of discussing Kobe and Shaq's rap skills during his Nardwuar interview, Drake also talked about how he picks who he brings with him to Raptors games (tip: don’t bring your cell phone to the game if Drake invites you!). He discussed what it’s like to hang out with Allen Iverson ("It’s epic!"). And he remembered the time Steph Curry played basketball at his house.

"I played Steph in ping-pong that night, too," he said. "I won’t discuss the result, but…"

You can go here to watch the full Nardwuar x Drake interview.

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