Odell Beckham Jr. met Drake at the Houston Appreciation Weekend celebrity softball game last year, and ever since then, the two have turned into really good friends. Over the course of the last three months, Drizzy has popped up on OBJ’s Instagram account over:

And over:

And over again:

And while speaking with Ronda Rousey recently for a sit-down that was orchestrated by DraftKings—you can check out the entire thing here—OBJ revealed that the two are so close that he actually lived in Drake’s house while he was finishing his new album, Views From the 6.

“That’s my guy right there,” OBJ said when Rousey showed him a photo of him and Drake at the celebrity softball game last year. “That was the first time we really hung out was that whole weekend. This really was the start of a friendship that’ll carry through a lifetime. Weird enough, I’m actually staying at his place right now while he’s finishing the album. I'm just out there working out. He needs to chill out with that house he has out there. There's just too much going on."

The DraftKings sit-down took place at SXSW last month, so it’s unclear if OBJ is still kicking it with Drake on a regular basis. This tweet indicates he's still putting in work while living in his house:

But regardless of whether he's still living with Drake or not, he was in his house while he was recording Views, so he’s probably one of the few people who has actually heard it. Jealous?

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